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Maintenance Services

Maintenance Wash

Glo Premier Auto Spa offers a maintenance wash for our customers whose vehicles are well maintained. This service will include a hand wash with microfiber mitts and brushes, finalized by a ceramic detail wax, and a complimentary vacuum and wipe down of the interior. (Duration: ~2hrs)

Prices Starting At:

  • Cars: $100

  • Crossovers: $125

  • Trucks/SUVs: $150

*More extensive projects can be brought in and quoted by job*

Annual Boost Coating

This service is for our customers with ceramic coatings. As part of XPEL's 3 year & 5 year warranty, customers should come in at least once a year to get their ceramic coating boosted. This process includes a full exterior wash followed by the boost coating and some curing time. 


  • Cars: $199

  • Crossovers: $229

  • Trucks/SUVs: $259

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