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Exterior Enhancement

Exterior Enhancement Correction

This is the difference maker when trying to enhance your paint and make it more visually appealing. The Exterior Enhancement Detail is recommended to enhance the beauty of your vehicle.


We start with our Signature Wash and thorough decontamination of the vehicle. With this detail, the goal is to remove about 85% of the defects from your paint and leave a dramatically improved finish. We use a compound to remove swirls, and randomized defects and then polish to remove any remaining light swirls to add optical clarity and depth to the paint.


The vehicle is finished with a high-quality hand applied glaze and sealant for a final showroom shine.

  • Prices Starting At:

  • Cars: $899

  • Crossovers: $929

  • Trucks/SUVs: $1069

Add-On Correction

Some of our services include our Signature Wash to prep and decontaminate your paint for a Ceramic Coating or PPF. This is where you can find the add-on price to add paint correction to your project.


  • Cars:

    • Single Stage Polish: $350    Compound & Polish: $700

  • Crossovers:

    • Single Stage Polish: $400    Compound & Polish: $800

  • Trucks/SUVs:

    • Single Stage Polish: $450    Compound & Polish: $900

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